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Procurement - Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Procurement - Assignment 2 - Essay Example ent system is vital since the correct choice may help to avoid eventualities that might negatively impact on time, costs and quality; to ensure that the project’s goals are attained. One needs to consider a variety of factors from the project’s internal and external environment in which the industry operates. A point to note is that different projects may require different systems based on a project’s features (Hashim, Yuet, Chu, Hooi, Heng & Yong 2006). Procurement systems are divided into three categories namely; traditional, management contracting and design and build methods. These three categories have different influences on each factor. The following factors are may be considered in the construction of site in Chelmsford. Time, complexity, price certainty, government policy, price completion, responsibility, risk avoidance and familiarity of procurement methods (Hashim, Yuet, Chu, Hooi, Heng & Yong 2006). Time is of fundamental when deciding which procurement system to acquire for construction purposes. Time described here is from inception to completion stage. If the completion deadline is not met due to an inefficient procurement system, extra or overrun costs will be incurred by the contractor making the project expensive. The procurement system should monitor the lead-time schedules to ensure that the functional spaces are completed within the required time and start generating income. The client being a private firm, completion time of the project is truly crucial and of importance to them (Hashim, Yuet, Chu, Hooi, Heng & Yong 2006). Therefore, the procurement system must be comprehensive in planning and its schedules to achieve deadlines and other timelines required. Time as a factor is affected by the given procurement methods in the following ways. Design and build method is advantageous for a client who wants a quick return on their investment. The client may employ manageme nt contracting method in order to reduce the project

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Canadas Changing Demographics and the Work Force Essay Example for Free

Canadas Changing Demographics and the Work Force Essay What has happened to Canada’s demographics over the past 50 years? Over the past fifty years, Canada’s demographics have been fluctuating significantly in terms of age and sex structure. During the mid-twentieth century, the population distribution pyramid was owned by the younger people and youth while the aged were not as highly populated. Now, the pyramid does not even resemble a pyramid; an increase in life expectancy, and a drop in fertility rates may account for such a drastic and effective transformation, and this sudden drop on the charts represents the large cohorts of the baby boomers, who are now beginning to play, perhaps even a slightly harmful, role in the economic workforce. In terms of statistics, these changes represent well the aging that has taken place in Canada over the past fifty years. Between 1956 and 2006, the median age of the Canadian population went from 27. to 38. 8 years, an increase of more than 10 years over a span of fifty years. By 2056, the median age is expected to reach 46. 9 years, or 20 years more than it was in 1956. In terms of demographics in the work force, during the third quarter of the twentieth century, there were almost 8 adults between 15 and 64 years of age in Canada for each person aged 65 years or over. However, the demographic dependency ratio for seniors in 2006 was just over 5 persons aged 15 to 64 years for each person aged 65 years and over. This ratio gives an approximation of how many elderly persons there are in relation to the potential pool of workers. During the last twenty-five years, the ratio has gradually yet significantly decreased to its current level. This downward trend could also continue into the future, according to recent population projections by expert analysts. Regardless of the scenario selected, most projections show a continuation of the decline of this indicator of population aging. According to the projections, in the year 2056 there would be only 2. working-age persons for each person aged 65 years or over, an even lower ratio than we are dealing with at the present moment. The Issue of Age Discrimination Age discrimination is defined, technically, as the idea of restricting persons from getting hired, promoted, or discriminated, in a position on the basis of age. It involves adverse work treatment of an employee based on a class or category that the employee belongs to – employees over age 40 rather than on the employees individual merit. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) protects certain applicants and employees 40 years of age and older from discrimination on the basis of age in hiring, promotion, discharge, compensation, or terms, conditions or privileges of employment. In fact, any action that an employer takes that adversely affects a disproportionate number of employees over 40 is also age discrimination. Various different types of age discrimination do exist throughout the workforce. It would be sensible to be knowledgeable on one’s rights in terms of age discrimination to ensure that future conflicts as such are avoided. . Denying Employment: Denying ones rights on hiring and employment based on their current age (most cases involve the misjudgement of one’s capabilities due to inexperience and young age) 2. Position-Based Employment: When one is already working for a company and is denied another position, perhaps a promotion, within the company based on their current age. 3. Salary-Based Employment: While it is reasonable to assume that a person with more experience and education will apprehend a higher salary, even for doing nearly the same work as another person, there may be cases where that is not applicable. Some cases involve the act of paying more to one person while another is doing almost identical work yet is being paid less, yet one person is significantly older or younger than the other. 4. Housing-Based Solutions: This type of age discrimination is different than others, simply because it is not related to employment. Some communities specifically cater to older adults, but this is an exemption to housing discrimination allowed under the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA). This is true in many retirement communities, for example, for which often do not allow those younger than age 55 years to own property or live there. Current myths regarding the older work force employees There do exist, however, many myths about the capabilities of older workers in the field and how efficient they would be if they were to continue working in the workforce as they age. One circulating myth is that older people cannot or will not learn new material as efficiently as younger people, which is the most prominent one of the rest. A few others include the idea that older people are not flexible or adaptable to the work environment, that older people are less productive, and that older workers are more expensive than younger workers. There has been great debate on both sides of these theories, given that although people do accept that older people should not be discriminated against and limited in terms of the workforce, there do still exist aspects in their work habits and the resources needed to provide for them in the workplace which are less ideal than if younger people were to be hired instead. Some issues that may have to be dealt with throughout the workplace with elder people include more health protection, more resources to provide for them, and perhaps even more training to ensure that they are not slow in apprehending the skills necessary for the post (all of these factors also relate back to idea of more expenses in general). Labour shortage in Canada Figure 1. Statistics on the recent study on Canadian labour shortage by province Figure 1. Statistics on the recent study on Canadian labour shortage by province Finally, the case for job shortages in Canada became thinner recently with the most recent data showing vacancies actually fell to 200,000 at the start of the year, meaning there were 6. 5 unemployed workers chasing each opening. The fresh data is just the latest indicator that seems to undercut government and business arguments that Canada is facing a serious skills and labour shortage. Furthermore, given the fact that older citizens are beginning to retire from their positions, there is an increased risk of labour shortages beginning to emerge. Parts of the economy such as the food and restaurant, oil, and public services industries are beginning to face such issues, and this area of conflict may even continue to grow over the decades, perhaps even spread and expand to more parts of the economy. In terms of action against this issue however, steps have already been put into effect by different organizations and the Canadian government. Progress has been made to reduce barriers to work by providing tax incentives for working Canadians and by modifying Employment Insurance and Guaranteed Income Supplement programs to remove penalties for working people. Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, responded that â€Å"there are certain cases in Canada where there are absolute shortages of workers† and that he will â€Å"ensure the programs put in effect are reformed so they may not be misused in any way. The government has already begun to take action to further reduce barriers to work for Canadians, given that Canada’s labour shortage is not only a skills shortage, but a person-shortage that will have an increasingly negative affect on the economic growth and prosperity of all Canadians. The diminishing young worker to retired elder-ratio should be a clear indication that a conflict is, and will be prominent throughout the next couple years or decades in Canada’s economy, and that action must be tak en as efficiently as possible to avoid a serious problem for both our current and future generations.

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Wernicke’s Encephalopathy Essays -- Biology Health Medicine Papers

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy Introduction Carl Wernicke first described the syndrome in 1881. He referred to the disorder as acute superior hemorrhagic polioencephalitis. Some of the original patients he described included two male alcoholics and a women with esophageal stenosis. He described a clinic triad of encephalopathy, ophthalmoplegia, and ataxia. Unfortunately, most diagnoses are not made clinically but rather at autopsy. This suggests that the classic clinical triad is rare, or that clinicians do not properly recognize the symptoms. In some clinical studies, only one third of patients diagnosed with Wernicke’s encephalopathy (WE) presented with the classical triad. The majority of the patients presented encephalopathy (characterized by disorientation, indifference, and inattentiveness). Ocular motor abnormalities (nystagmus, lateral rectus palsy, and conjugate gaze palsies) occurred in 96%, resulting from oculomotor, abducens, and vestibular nuclei lesions. Gait ataxia presented in 87%, probably due to a combination of cerebellar and vestibular involvement as well as polyneuropathy. However, an autopsy-based study revealed that while 82% had mental status abnormalities only 23% had ataxia, 29% ocular motor abnormalities, and 11% polyneuropathy. The clinical triad was identified in only 17% of autopsy cases, and 19% sh owed none of the classic symptoms. This discrepancy between the clinical and autopsy-based studies is probably due to exclusion of atypical cases in the clinical series and the underestimation in the autopsy series of classic signs that were not properly elicited, recognized, or recorded (1). At autopsy the characteristic lesions of WK occur primarily in nuclei and structures surrounding the thi... ...e), 8 (2):107-113. 6. Butterworth, R. F., Pathophysiology of Cerebellar Dysfunction in the Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. Canad. J. Neuroscien., 1993 (May), 20 suppl. 3: sl23-126. 7. Parkin, A. J., Dunn, J. C., Lee, C., O’Hara, P. F., Nissbaum, L. Neuropsychological Sequelae of Wernicke’s Encephalopathy in a 20-Year-Old Woman: Selective Impairment of a Frontal Memory System. Brain Cognition, 1993 (Jan), 21(1): 1-19 8. Halliday, G., Ellis, J., Harper, C. The Locus Coeruleus and Memory: A Study of Chronic Alcoholics With and Without the Memory Impairment of Korsakoff’s Syndrome. Brain Research, 1992 (Dec), 598; 33-37. 9. Halliday, G., Ellis, J., Heard, R., Caine, D., Harper, C. Brainstem Serotonergic Neurons in Chronic Alcoholics With and Without the Memory Impairment of Korsakoff’s Psychosis. J. Neuropathol. Exp. Neurol., 1993 (Nov), 52(6):567-579.

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Rang de Basanti Notes

* Rang de Basanti * â€Å"You Pakistani† scene. Police bribed. Extreme nationalism – no western music, dancing, etc. * Mother figure, mother India * Around 30 mins, say what is there to be patriotic about? Corrpution, population, etc. But fighter pilot says no country is perfect, I’m still willing to give my life for my country. * Karan – college kid, pressure from father. Every second someone is born in this country, no one cares about them. Neither government nor God. Do something or else you will be one of them. â€Å"SMS generation† * Don’t take film seriously at first, make fun of the language.Different times, say they can’t relate. * Aslam – Muslim, with Hindu friends. Family portrayed as violent, hating Hindus because Muslims are not accepted in India. * Sue is disappointed that India is not the romantic country she thought it was? * They had found new heroes, and we had no one to blame but ourselves. We were hearing the echoes of our own guns. Scene of the Amritsar massacre. Men, women, children fired upon by Dyer’s armyas they tried to escape, women with babies jumping in wells. Boys say we are like ants, taking everything lying down/not reacting.Mom says this generation lacks will to do anything – someone part of the massacre went all the way to London to kill Dyer. Punjab families send at least one son to army, sacrifice runs in blood – militant portrayal of Punjabs? * Friends scene – saying maybe Ashfaq should go to Afghanistan, he will be safe with â€Å"his own†. Friend asks why am I not one of your own? First friend asks for forgiveness, it is as much your country as it is mine. * Not terrorists, revolutionaries. Tortured, but did not break. McKinley had a problem with the torture, Bismil said it is not your fault – you are just doing your duty. Went to Ashfaq, said Bismil will create a country for Hindus. He said no, this is for the freedom on Hindu stan, but you wouldn’t understand because you’ve been a slave to that kind of thought for so long. * Did revolutionaries give their lives for nothing? One leg in future, one leg in past. Why don’t you do something to change it? Difference is how you go to the grave. * A woman’s place is at her husband’s feet – laughed at. * Drastic measures. Takes a loud noise to open deaf ears. Hunger strikes in prison. * He got his 21 gun salute at his funeral.But was it in vain? Died with his country’s flag. Saved many lives by not crashing it into the city. Corruption scandal. * Laxman’s realization might mirror what young nationalists found at that time? Saw leader of his movement doing nothing, when they supposedly fought for India. Innocent people were getting hurt aran has finally found his cause. â€Å"waking up† * Colonial legacies – left one behind for another? Cycle. * Class struggles – Sukhi says Karan’s father will just bail him out. Accuses him of knowing that his father was corrupt. * Moral superiority.Bond over common cause, all rivals/problems are overcome * Change from within * Divisive/polarizing figure – some say don’t take the law into your own hands, others praise as the right thing to do when politicians control the law * Revolutionary vs. terrorists * Why didn’t the boys join politics, army, police, etc. to change the way that Ajay said to? * 1: people who go to their grave screaming. 2: people who die without a sound. Third kind of people he came across as being the ones who embraced death as a friend and an equal, with a heartfelt laughter

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Vignette Essay - 1421 Words

Application of ethical theory to a case study vignette Instructions: †¢ Choose ONE of the following four cases †¢ Identify key stakeholders in this case. Identify and discuss main (ethical) issues of this case in relation to the stakeholders. †¢ Evaluate the case using TWO ethical theories (you must use the theories that were taught in the lectures apart from Ethical Egoism). †¢ Explain how you would act / you would have acted in this situation, and why. Your word limit must not exceed 1,700 words. Do not forget to include your word count in Your essay. The essay will be marked using the following criteria: †¢ Identification of stakeholders and issues †¢ Outlining of main features of ethical theories and application of†¦show more content†¦He passes his design on to the managing director, who likes it. The managing director usually trusts that his employees work within copyright rules and therefore does not ask Tom any questions regarding the photo. The designs the company has produced find the supermarket’s approval and shortly afterwards clothes with the new print designs are going on sale in all their large stores across the country. Did Tom do the right thing? Case 3 Dr Victoria Patel is a non-executive board director at SuperSoftware, a FTSE 250 company. The company had been struggling for some time to retain its market share. As a result, SuperSoftware hired a new CEO called Richard Smart, with the aim to turn the company’s fortune around. Victoria is a member of the company’s nomination committee and as such was responsible, together with the other committee members, for the hiring of the new CEO. What impressed her and her fellow board directors was not only the experience Richard brought from his previous work roles but also his qualifications, which include a computer science degree from Harvard University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. One year on, SuperSoftware’s board directors are very happy with Richard Smart’s work. Following theShow MoreRelatedIllustrating with Vignettes1112 Words   |  5 PagesNeil Gaiman employs vignettes quite successfully within American Gods. His interludes, particularly those of a historical digression, provide context for the development of various gods in America, as well as their difficulty in assimilating and flourishing. Common throughout all four historical digressions are themes of sacrifice and abandonment. The first vignette, A.D. 813, illustrates the establishment of gods in the new world. Norsemen sail to North America, calling on the All-Father toRead MoreVignette essay1110 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Midterm: CHOOSE TWO out of the five Vignettes to write about. Please review the following vignettes. Use your text and class notes as a reference to determine what theoretical approach can assist you in providing an explanation to the reasons why the following individuals have the coping mechanisms and behavior that they do. Identify all the major issues with each scenario. Define the interventions that can assist in each case. Are there any identifiable strengths with each case? LastlyRead MoreEthical Vignette Essay773 Words   |  4 PagesTitle: Ethical Vignette Abstract In this paper I will discuss the ethical vignette as it deals with confidentiality and ethical dilemmas that counselor’s face. I will reflect on a video presentation as well as the North Carolina rules and regulation and the ACA Code of Ethics as it relates to confidentiality and ethics. I will explain why confidentiality is important and what the rules says about it. This will help me and others to become a better counselor. Ethical Vignette Summary AsRead MoreEthical Vignettes2404 Words   |  10 PagesConfidentiality after death: Please read the case examples and answer the following questions. Example 1: After the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (see: Hunt, 1999) Susan J. Forward, a clinical social worker who had held two sessions with Ms. Simpson in 1992, made unsolicited disclosures regarding her deceased former client. Ms. Forward commented in public that Ms. Simpson had allegedly reported experiencing abuse at the hands of O. J. Simpson. The California Board of BehavioralRead MoreVignette: A Fictional Narrative1012 Words   |  5 Pages Vignette # 4 I was wrapped in my blanket like a Butterfly in its cocoon. As soon as I began to have conscious thought of my crush, dancing, and my dreams turning into a reality my eyes opened as if I was facing Bruce Lee himself. Then I jumped out of my bed if I was running with gazelles in sub Saharan Africa. I smoothly landed into a crouched position on the ground I got straight into my dance battle stance with a stare determined like EminemRead MoreVignette Case Study1125 Words   |  5 PagesCase Analysis I Robert Richardson February 28, 2010 PAF 9120 Professor Ryan A. Smith 1. Should Maxwell stick to his guns, or attempt to compromise by using the board meeting to re-involve Mike and downplay professional services? Most of the problems John Maxwell is encountering appear to be from a lack of â€Å"transition planning†. Meetings should have occurred between himself and Reverend Mike, the staff, and the Board of Directors; collectively and separately. Reverend Mike’sRead MoreVignette For Summer 2015 Competency Exam4212 Words   |  17 Pages Competency Exam Kelly Little University of La Verne Vignette For Summer 2015 Competency Exam Vignette for Summer 2015 Competency Exam Bess is a 32 year old middle class Latina. She is an accountant at a large, well-established firm. Her parents divorced when she was 5 years old. She saw her father on weekends and described him as fun and laid back, although he had not been very successful –changing jobs frequently. Bess was raised by her workingRead Morevignette paper( Law enforcement)1773 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿ The Duty to Report; The Duty to Warn; Confidentiality; and Privilege and their varying effects on Constitutional Laws and Regulations. This analytical research paper will be discussing some ethical issues as illustrated in Stephen Feldman’s video, â€Å"Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals†, which this include; the duty to report; the duty to warn; Confidentiality; and Privilege. And also this paper will look into how these ethical issues are implementedRead MoreHouse on Mango Street Vignette Project1915 Words   |  8 PagesVignettes Contents 1) The Fire in My Fathers Hands 2) Practice Till You Get Tired of It 3) The Playful Shadow 4) Not The Usual 5) Home Ruler 6) All Alone 7) Stop Judging! 8) Party Pooper 9) Different Things, Deep Meanings 10) Work, Save, Relax The Fire in My Fathers Hands When I was a kid, about 5 to 8 years old, my hands would always get cold whenever the surrounding air is chilly. My dad would always tell me to rub them together, like you would in order to make fire. And so I didRead MoreReflection on Video Vignette Pregnant Stroke1011 Words   |  5 PagesIn this essay, I aim to elaborate on my knowledge and understanding of therapeutic communication prior to and after observing the video ‘Handover’ relating to ‘Pregnant stroke’; scenario-based videos. In particular, my focus is to relate the techniques utilized in the video for therapeutically communicating with the client with construction and enhancement of my personal skills of therapeutic communication, through analyzation and reflection. The video initiated as the paramedic staff informed

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The Turn Of The Screw - 2222 Words

Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw has led to a great deal of discussion and analysis from scholars and students for over fifty years. James’s novella is a ghost story that is mostly told through the perspective of a young woman, a Governess, who is put in charge of taking care of two children, Miles and Flora, at an estate in Bly. The Governess adores the two children and considers them both charming, beautiful, and perfect, which is understandable given that Miles and Flora are portrayed as well mannered, innocent children; and as the Governess becomes more absorbed in her responsibilities, the children give her little to no trouble. One evening, the Governess takes a walk around the estate, and she begins to think, quite romantically, about her employer, the children’s uncle. This is before she sees an estranged man on top of the house’s tower, who stares down at her for a long moment, intensely. The Governess sees this intruder again; this leads her t o discuss her sightings with the housekeeper, Mrs. Grose, who tells her that the man she saw is Peter Quint, a former valet for the house who is now dead. Furthermore, while the Governess is out with Flora, watching her play, she feels the appearance of a second intruder, Miss Jessel, who Mrs. Grose says is the Governess’s deceased predecessor. In the context of the whole novella, how the Governess reacts to the ghosts shows three different states of mind that the Governess was possibly in throughout the story. Peter QuintShow MoreRelatedThe Turn Of The Screw1265 Words   |  6 PagesHenry James’ The Turn of the Screw has been described as one of the best ghost stories of all time. However, there is clear evidence that the main character, the governess, suffers from delusions. The strange events that occur throughout the story happen in the estate of Bly. The anomalies, described as horrors or ghosts, only come to light after the governess arrives. These events are du e to creations of the governess mind, her controlling intent to protect and overrule the children, and her unstableRead MoreThe Turn Of The Screw1443 Words   |  6 PagesHenry James’ The Turn of the Screw is an ambivalent novella, well-known for it’s disputable contents. The central character, known simply as the governess, is one that can be considered an unreliable narrator. She has experienced many interesting yet unusual encounters that can lead to a variety of interpretations regarding what’s actually taking place in the story. With all factors taken into account, it’s most plausible to assume that the governess is a victim of what appears to be a mental disorderRead MoreThe Turn of the Screw1300 Words   |  6 Pages Henry James novel The Turn of the Screw is twofold. In the first chapter, the story begins at a Christmas party where guests hear the governess tale of fright and fight. This story is referred to as â€Å"two turns† of the sc rew by an anonymous guest at the Christmas party because the reader asks if they want to hear a story about two children instead of only one (3). In the governess account, it tells about her duty as caretaker of two wealthy children, Flora and Miles, who live at Bly, a large estateRead More The Turn of the Screw Essays1329 Words   |  6 PagesLove Between the Classes: An Analysis of Social Status Violation in The Turn of the Screw A Marxist reading of The Turn of the Screw by Henry James brings to light how social status differences and above all how the violation of these distinctions affect the story. The relationship between the governess and Miles is a clear example of this kind of transgression. As an unnamed character, the governess has an indefinite social status. She is neither an upper-class lady nor a simple servant. MoreoverRead More Turn of the screw Essay2734 Words   |  11 Pages â€Å"The Turn of the Screw† Henry James, the famous author of ‘The Turn of the Screw’ was born on April 15, 1843 to his wealthy parents Henry James and Mary Walsh. His father, also called Henry James, was an Irish immigrant and by the time his own children were born he had inherited a lot of money from his father; and at this time Henry James senior and his family were living in New York. Henry James author of ‘The Turn Of The Screw’ was one of five children and had an older brother William who wasRead More The Turn of the Screw Essay1076 Words   |  5 PagesThe Turn of the Screw I must take my horrid plunge from the opening line sets the tone of the passage. The novels gothic form is revealed very early on in the passage. There is a distinctive differentiation between horror and terror derived from the studies of Radcliffe. Terror is when one induces to action and horror is when one is powerless and freezes as a result of it. The Governess horrid plunge is a forced action, as she is powerless to combat the supernatural forcesRead MoreEnn315-Turn of the Screw2040 Words   |  9 Pages‘The Turn of the Screw is essentially an ambivalent text. Its narrative prompts divergent, even opposite readings, but does not reconcile them. What happens remains irrevocably uncertain’ James uses the prologue to the novel to introduce the themes with in this Novella but more importantly he encourages the readers to be active in reading between the lines , and not to accept what is said at face value , James achieves this by surrounding Douglass with a group of people who are clearly andRead MoreEnn315-Turn of the Screw2028 Words   |  9 Pages‘The Turn of the Screw is essentially an ambivalent text. Its narrative prompts divergent, even opposite readings, but does not reconcile them. What happens remains irrevocably uncertain’ James uses the prologue to the novel to introduce the themes with in this Novella but more importantly he encourages the readers to be active in reading between the lines , and not to accept what is said at face value , James achieves this by surrounding Douglass with a group of people who are clearly and intentlyRead MoreThe Governess in The Turn of the Screw Essay1110 Words   |  5 PagesOne of the most critically discussed works in twentieth-century American literature, The Turn of the Screw has inspired a variety of critical interpretations since its publication in 1898. Until 1934, the book was considered a traditional ghost story. Edmund Wilson, however, soon challenged that view with his assertions that The Turn of the Screw is a psychological study of the unstable governess whose visions of ghosts are merely delusions. Wilson’s essay initiated a critical debate concerning theRead MoreTurn of the Screw, Historicism Approach1330 Words   |  6 Pageswork, and how do t hese influences complicate the meaning of the work as a whole ? - Regarding The Turn of The Screw. The Victorian era consisted of moralistic, prudish ideals, a sexist point of view and therefore enforced etiquette and good manners as a way of life. Henry James demonstrates a lack of propriety for this time period’s strict code of conduct, with his written work, ‘The turn of the screw’. By doing so, and somewhat rebelling against the sexually restraining, low crime tolerance era that

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Why Prostitution Is Prostitution - 1661 Words

As I stated in my last paper, sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking that uses sexual exploitation amongst mainly women and girls. Human trafficking has become a global issue as 2.5 million people are being trafficked worldwide (Farley, n.d.). Sex trafficking can be exploited in your eyes known as prostitution. According to Laws.Com, â€Å"the most common type labor in human trafficking, is prostitution†. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. Many people overlook prostitution because of the assumption of it being voluntarily. Although statistics on prostitution is difficult due to illegal commercial acts, eighty percent of prostitutes do not like the condition they†¦show more content†¦Nationwide, prostitution is deemed illegal except for certain parts in Nevada (â€Å"Prostitution, n.d.). To deem human trafficking illegal, the Mann Act became a federal statute in 1910 â€Å"to stop the interstate trafficking for women (Mann Act, n.d.).† A woman who has been trafficked for a long period of time can make it easier for the trafficker to use her when engaging in commercial sex. Women can be forced into prostitution in a number of ways. Normally, the women would gain trust in the trafficker in exchange for a better life. On the other hand, the women would think that her and the pimp or trafficker is going to run a legitimate business that would benefit the both of them (Prostitution: frequently asked questions). When freedom becomes rare, victims then realize the danger they are in and are scared to leave. Prostitution then becomes a lifestyle for them. Already fighting against traffickers and solicitors, prostitutes then find themselves fighting the law. Charges related to prostitution can require fines, temporary arrest for the duration of the process (How can, n.d.), and depending on your background jail time. Women who have been charged with prostitution may have to pay a fine up to $2500, but the buyer will pay a fine of $100 to $250 depending on their background. Traffickers, or pimps will receive harsh punishments than the prostitute, and the buyer. Knowing the extent of what a trafficker does, like the physical and sexual abuse, trafficking a person is aShow MoreRelatedWhy Prostitution Is Wrong?1156 Words   |  5 Pagesfor an â€Å"egalitarian approach† to deciding why prostitution is wrong and whether or not that means it should be illegal (Satz, 1995). Satz accepts that prostitution is wrong from the start but she seeks a good explanation for why. She decides that prostitution is wrong because the practice of wome n selling their sexual services to men perpetuates gender inequality. If we accept that prostitution is wrong then we should look for a good argument to explain why that is so. Many people feel that it isRead MoreWhy Prostitution Should Be Legalized1411 Words   |  6 PagesWhy Prostitution should be legalized We hear about it in the news almost daily; sex workers were using Craigslist to post ads in the (former) erotic service section, others are soliciting on Back Page. Human trafficking rings are being discovered all throughout the United States. Massage parlors are being used as a front for housing prostitution. Whether we want to address it or not, this is a prevalent social issue in our society today. Researchers Christine Harcourt, PhD, Research Fellow for theRead MoreWhy Prostitution Should Be Legal2034 Words   |  9 Pageswant to have them both, but when someone combines the two, people suddenly change their minds. Why? That becomes prostitution, and that is illegal. Due to the fact that prostitution has been deemed wrong and made illegal for many years, people think that it should remain that way. Many people fail to see a world that could truly be helped significantly through the legalization of prostitution. Prostitution should be made legal due to the facts that it would re duce the risk of spreading sexually transmittedRead MoreWhy Prostitution Should Be Legal1462 Words   |  6 PagesWhy should prostitution be legal? Can anybody tell me what is considered to be the worlds most ancient profession? (doesnt require education, mostly involves women) Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody agrees that trading sex for money has existed for quite a while. According to Wikipedia, prostitution began in the 21st century BC in Near East, most likely as a religious custom, and was practiced by GreeksRead MoreWhy Women Get Involved in Prostitution2044 Words   |  9 PagesProstitution has been going on for many centuries. Many studies have gone on, researching and trying to understand on why women get involved with prostitution and the main effects it has on then. Some report the main causes of early prostitution was due to poverty and deviance. Many see it as a career, a way to make a living and survive and provide for their families. â€Å"Studies show that many women engage themselves in such activities as prostitution by their own choice, forced into it, or becauseRead MoreWhy We Should Legalize Prostitution1843 Words   |  8 Pageswould lik e to explain the reasons why we should legalize prostitution. I will go over the reasons why legalizing and the decriminalization of prostitution would benefit the general public, economy, and the welfare of society. In addition, portray some views from profound philosophers ( John Rawls, and Robert Nozick) which in my research, see to promote the legislation of prostitution. I will also address a number of arguments against the legality of prostitution that include issues of sex traffickingRead MoreWhy Prostitution Should Remain Illegal in the United States1494 Words   |  6 Pages9E: Research Paper 20 April 2012 Why Prostitution Should Remain Illegal in the United States Prostitution is said to be â€Å"the world’s oldest profession† (Ramchandran par. 1). The Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines prostitution as â€Å"the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money† (â€Å"Prostitution† par. 1). Many people argue that prostitution should be legalized, but it hurts people more than it helps. Legalization of prostitution condones sexual behavior for profitRead MoreProstitution And Deviance : Examination Of Theories Amongst Positivist And Constructionist Perspectives Within Society1604 Words   |  7 PagesProstitution and Deviance: Examination of Theories Amongst Positivist and Constructionist Perspectives Within Society Deviance is behavior, beliefs or characteristics that many people in a society find or would find offensive and which excite, upon discovery, disapproval, punishment, condemnation, or hostility (Goode, 2011 p. 3). Most scientists will agree that a person s most basic needs, physiologically, are breathing, food, water, sleep, and sex. If all of these are the most basic to humanRead More Prostitution Should Be Legalized in Our Society1260 Words   |  5 PagesHow about prostitute? Although some people might think that prostitution is dirty job, prostitution is also one of the important jobs which are composing our society. Devaluation on prostitute recognition should be changed. This essay deals with reasons why prostitution should be allowed and what are the advantages of prostitution. First reason that prostitution should be legalized is for women’s right. As upper mentioned, prostitution is a kind of occupations. According to research among the womenRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1406 Words   |  6 PagesProstitution is one of the largest controversial issue facing the United States. The definition of prostitution, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is the act or practice of engaging in sexual relations especially for the money. Prostitution has been constantly bashed by the media and is currently legal in only one state. In this state, only one county has banned prostitution. Why is it illegal? What is wrong with prostitution that has made it illegal? These are the important questions that